We all have the same amount. Each day, we are given 86,400 seconds, which is 1,440 minutes or 24 hours, until the next day. We reboot (sleep) and do it again…

Until our time runs out

How we fill our time is what differentiates us. You’ve heard do as I say and not as I do? The way to gauge a person’s values is to look at their bank records, and their calendar. Sometimes I’m proud of what they say about me, but I don’t even want to look myself at other times, and I certainly wouldn’t let anyone else see them.

If time with my family is important to me, I have to schedule it. I have to invest in it–with my money, my time, and my effort. If self-improvement is a priority, I have to invest in it. Most of us have careers or at least jobs to support us, and we spend varying amounts of time and money in the pursuit of education, training, and just plain working. There are also the requisite adult activities, including paying bills, cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, etc… But none of these things take up EVERY second.


I just finished an extended time of studying in preparation for an exam. New rules were promulgated by USA Gymnastics in May and I have been studying specific parts of the rules in preparation for the exam I took last month. To make time for this creaky old brain to absorb some of the information, I had planned study times. I made flash cards. I used computer programs, made spreadsheets, color coded my notes and diagrams, cried, called friends and mentors, searched the internet for study aids and hints, ate chocolate, lost sleep, studied in my car, skipped activities, and began practicing yoga.

While studying, I worked a full time job, paid most of my bills, spent time with my kids, took two trips, maintained my yard and tiny garden, and did all the regular adulting required of single moms. However, I consciously spent time each week studying.


In the process, I also found creative ways to avoid studying. In this same time period, I put down flooring in two bedrooms, traveled to Texas one month and to Florida and Georgia another. In the last month, I cleaned out my pantry and repainted it. I also revived my Twitter Account, played on Facebook, and updated the books I have read or want to read on Goodreads–nothing vital, but great ways to expend vast quantities of time in lieu of studying.

God has graciously granted me time each day, each week, each month, and each year. I pray I’m not wasting it. A precious family just lost their daughter–she has no more time. They can’t go back and spend a single moment with her. All they have are the memories.


I want to live so that I have no regrets if tragedy strikes. I strive to maintain good relationships with family and friends so I won’t wish I had said or wish I hadn’t done…if it was our last time to together.

I am setting and achieving short term goals to improve my life. Time Management is so important, yet I let urgent tasks supersede the important. For now, I’m focusing on spending time intentionally in priority areas while also scheduling time for fun, because if it isn’t on my calendar, it doesn’t happen.



PostScript–I failed the test I studied for all summer. (See Previous Post–I FAILED, but I’m NOT a Failure.)  I am studying again and praying that I do better next month!