Mother’s Day 2019

Anyone else have ear piercing at the table during Mother’s Day meal?


Over the years, I’ve had Mother’s Days that involved numerous children suffering from a stomach bug; a visit to the ER; taking care of my brood despite having the flu; along with mundane mechanical breakdowns. Mother’s Day is usually a day when I remember that motherhood is the hardest job I have ever done for the least amount of pay. However, I’m grateful to experience the ups and downs each year with two sons and two daughters.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Forrest Gump, Philosopher

2019 is another Mother’s Day for the books. My kids celebrated me in their inimitable style. Don’t misunderstand. I’m grateful for any appreciation–card, gift, meal, comment–actually any acknowledgment that I am a human being worthy of respect. The surprises began on Saturday.

Daughter #2, my youngest child, cleaned the house! This is the ultimate gift for me. She cleans thoroughly–the rooms look clean and smell great. She doesn’t just stack stuff–she organizes it and puts it in the right places, so that in itself is an amazing gift, for which I am truly grateful. She has a knack for decorating, too, so everything looks better.

Sunday morning, Daughter #2 gave me a memo book she had decorated. She painted beautiful textured flowers on the cover, and Son #2  me a tea cup with a lid for tea bags. I had thought we would go out for lunch; however, this time they listened to me and we didn’t. Actually, only Son #2 was with me at all for lunch. My Daughter #2 went home with a friend’s family and the older two didn’t call or text at all until later in the afternoon. So we grabbed a quick bite, then I went home and took a 2 hour nap!  Mother’s Day was a slam dunk as far as I was concerned.

After church, my daughter wanted to drive but she took a scenic route and ended up parking downtown. The kids had made reservations for dinner and they all [eventually] showed up!  (One was asleep when we got there, we only had to call him for 30 minutes to get him up out of bed so he could meet us.) A friend who knew that the kids were doing something for me said she would “Pray they don’t act like themselves.” She did NOT start praying early enough!

While we waited for Son #2, Son #1 argued with Daughter #1. Daughter #2 picked at Daughter #1 and Son #1, while calling her brother to get him to join us. Son #1’s girlfriend tried to hold a polite conversation in spite of the discussions heating up. The kids did inform me that their father had been invited to the meal, but that he declined! That actually started part of the arguing as he told one child and not the other and they felt there was some favoritism there. (I am just grateful my ex had the graciousness to decline the invitation, as I would if invited to a Father’s Day celebration!)

I considered leaving before Son #2 arrived, but stayed. We ordered our food and continued the arguing and sniping, adding another person to the dynamics. We devoured the bread they brought us like we hadn’t eaten in a week–probably scaring other diners in the restaurant–so I’d like to blame any bad behavior on hunger, but our appetites were sated before the main courses arrived.

The kids had chosen a beautiful restaurant downtown which I had never been in before, so it was a real treat. As we were finishing the meal, the kids’ mouths weren’t full any longer, so they began to talk, laugh, argue, poke fun, challenge, criticize, etc. I don’t know how it came up, but my Daughter #2 dared Son #2 to pierce his ear.

He did! Using a dull, dirty earring which she pulled from her pocket!

At the table!

So, my Mother’s Day tops yours–anyone else have ear piercing at the table during dinner?

Share your Mother’s Day memories with me–It is cathartic and fun to remember!

Author: Pamela

Single mom trying to raise four children to become godly adults. I choose to laugh more than I cry while LIFE goes on. I am a sign language interpreter, and women's gymnastics judge. I love beaches, reading, writing, teaching, scrapbooking, and people.

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