Balance for 2019

Doctors attempting to reanimate a heart that has stopped must charge the defibrillator. Those brief seconds of charging allow the machine to do what is intended–deliver a strong burst of electricity to jolt the heart into action or into a regular beat. Without the charge, the machine is worthless, so those few seconds of preparation are crucial in those moments between life and death.

I’m an action-oriented person. I go, do, teach, learn, serve, work, make, create. I don’t stop, pause, learn, read, relax, or rest enough. I work night and day on a project until I’m exhausted, then I set it on the shelf and feel guilty for not touching it for a month…or two…or more.

As I began 2019, I was determined not to make New Year’s Resolutions. I feel I set myself up for failure making the same resolutions annually, then giving up on each one as time passes. I read my niece’s post about her decision not to make resolutions each year. Instead, she asks God to give her a word for the year.

I believe in the power of words–that’s why I write and blog and teach. I am fluent in two languages so I can communicate in English or in American Sign Language. Words have power, and her idea intrigued me.

The quickest, simplest way for me to recharge is a deep breath. I hear it all the time in yoga:.

That’s it–my word for 2019!

My mantra this year is inhale…exhale. How simple is that to say?  But…     So.      Hard.      To.      Do.

Inhaling includes self-care–getting the exercise my body needs to stay strong, practicing yoga to maintain and increase flexibility, eating healthy foods, and only indulging in moderation. It’s taking time to rest and recharge, and scheduling down time. A writing mentor always reminded me I couldn’t pour from an empty pitcher. I love to give and pour into others, but I have to recharge and refill my pitcher so I can do the things I love.

Pendulums inside a clock swing back and forth in a limited range of motion. When my life is in balance, I can move from work to leisure and back again in a fairly steady, predictable rhythm.  Choosing to inhale will help me maintain balance in 2019.

To hear more about my word for the year, check out my podcast at:



Author: Pamela

Single mom trying to raise four children to become godly adults. I choose to laugh more than I cry while LIFE goes on. I am a sign language interpreter, and women's gymnastics judge. I love beaches, reading, writing, teaching, scrapbooking, and people.

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