Day 8 — Sheree McMillen

Thank you for pushing me to be better and allowing me to see your perspectives. Thank you for showing me how to LOVE ENOUGH!


Sheree is cute, petite, vivacious and energetic. She pierces through the emotional fluff to examine the heart of any issue but in a kind, loving, teachable way. She prioritizes her spiritual growth along with her physical and emotional health, and has rekindled my interest in journaling and meditation.

Her oldest son and my youngest boy are in the same grade, so we have known each other a few years, but had only talked casually before last fall. We went to lunch one Sunday when our children were gone and really got to know each other. God put us together because we were dealing with so many of the same issues. It was like talking to my mirror image in some ways, and yet we approach things in such polar opposite ways that we each gave the other a fresh perspective.

As we talked about our experiences, and the trials we had gone through, we both focused on the growth and the lessons learned and benefits from our experiences. I realize now that is a unique approach to challenges, but we both feel passionately about the vitality of growth. Her theme for 2017 was to LOVE ENOUGH. She was impressed with an author stating the important question when we get to heaven is: Did you love enough? It sounded simplistic to me at the time, but the wisdom and ramifications have impressed me as I watch her practice loving enough.

We talked and cried and prayed and decided to share our experiences and lessons learned with others. The ladies in our congregation graciously allowed us to teach a quarter together. It was hard and fun and exhausting and exhilarating. We spent so much time together or on the phone hashing through topics and how to approach them, and strengthening our friendship.

Sheree is a big picture, top-down, think it through individual, while I am a detail-oriented, grass-roots-up, relationship/feeling oriented person, so we complement each other. I am grateful for her ability to look at my mushy feelings and thoughts and categorize them with precise language.  I am grateful for her vulnerability and willingness to bare her heart to me while in the throes of some very challenging issues.

God puts each of us where we need to be at the moment. Sometimes it’s for my benefit, sometimes it is for someone else’s benefit, and sometimes it is to the mutual benefit of all involved, and I hope that describes Sheree and me.

I admire her ability to set and achieve goals and her experience with Toastmasters. She can objectively analyze situations, and isn’t afraid to go back and ask for a do-over if she feels it didn’t turn out right. I am so grateful to have her in my life. I look forward to working together to share our message of growth and learning through trials of life, and hope I can follow her example of LOVING ENOUGH.

Thank you, Sheree, for taking time to become my friend, mentor, and co-conspirator. Thank you for introducing me to podcasts and PowerPoints, and listening to me rant, rave, and rejoice. Thank you for trusting me with important issues, and allowing me to share your journey.

Author: Pamela

Single mom trying to raise four children to become godly adults. I choose to laugh more than I cry while LIFE goes on. I am a sign language interpreter, and women's gymnastics judge. I love beaches, reading, writing, teaching, scrapbooking, and people.

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